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JoikuSpot Premium 2.5 2.5

No Image JoikuSpot installs direct to your mobile phone. You can use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi internet access point for high speed 3G Internet connection. You can share your mobile phones 3G internet connection securely with Wifi devices such as laptops, iPods, iTouch, EeePCs and internet tablets. Multiple devices can share the same connection in parallel, but it is your choice if you allow sharing of your JoikuSpot internet access point. The connection can be set secured just like with any other Wifi basestation. JoikuSpot simply turns your mobile phone to be the Wifi base station and Internet gateway. Version 2.5 adds support for 28 languages: Arabic, Turkish, Chinese HK, Chinese PRC, Chinese TW, Polish, Korean, Indonesian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Slovenian, English, English US, French, French CA, ...
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DroidVPN 1.8.7b

ScreenShot of DroidVPN 1.8.7b by DroidVPN Inc. <font color="red">NOTE: This app only works on rooted devices. FREE ACCOUNT is limited to 100MB/day and can only login to FREE server. Subscription is required if you want to use all the servers and remove the 100MB/day limit </font> If your phone is rebooting: DroidVPN is an easy to use VPN software for android devices. DroidVPN helps users to unblock regional internet restrictions, web filtering, bypass firewalls, and browse the web anonymously by tunneling all your internet traffic from your android device to our servers. What separates DroidVPN from other VPN Applications is it can tunnel your traffic through ICMP(IP over ICMP). This means you can browse the internet even if you are only allowed to...
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Tuner Internet Radio 1.99

ScreenShot of Tuner Internet Radio 1.99 by Nullriver, Inc Listen to thousands of commercial-free Internet radio broadcasts right on your iPhone or iPod Touch over WiFi or 3G/EDGE. You can even stream Internet radio while in your car with Tuner at an audio quality higher than satellite radio! Bookmark your favorite stations, browse by genre, pick from the top 500 stations, search for stations or add your own streams using Tuner. Tuner is a full featured Internet radio player and even includes an OpenGL visualizer! Supported stream formats: AAC+, MP3, PLS, M3U Full multitasking support - browse the web or use other apps on your iPhone while listening to live internet radio! Tuner now supports premium authenticated streams. What's new Fixes issue with background music playback not working in v1.98
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Sprint Addict Online 1.0.0

ScreenShot of Sprint Addict Online 1.0.0 by Champen Studios, S.L Sprint Addict Online is a futuristic-style motorcycle 3D real-time massively, cross-country, multicultural, multiplayer online racing game, played over the Internet using mobile 3G networks and WiFi Internet on your iPhone or iPod Touch devices.* (Please read below about network connectivity requirements before downloading.) This is an exclusive online-only game (no off-line mode). When you play Sprint Addict on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will be racing with people from all over the world, using mobile Internet connectivity, wherever you are.* Do you accept the challenge? This game is available in english only, and although players from multiple countries will meet online for racing, the official language for chatting in-game is english only. Sprint Addict requires you to create a player...
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DinoSmash Online 1.3

ScreenShot of DinoSmash Online 1.3 by Eurocenter DinoSmash is the first fast-paced Internet multiplayer shoot'em up for iPhone and iPod. DinoSmash Goal: Your mission is pretty simple: you have to shoot other dinos in order to score points. To succeed you will have to be the fastest to take the most powerful weapons and use your best skills to navigate and target other internet players. Up to 16 players from all over the world can compete in various modes including the famous capture the flag and team deathmatch Features: - Detailed rendered 3D world and dino characters - Real-time Internet combat system with up to 16 players - Advanced Multiplayer features including automatic matchmaking system - Internet scores - Stereo 3D sound system - 5 balanced weapons plus the hook - Optimized graphics engine with 30-40 fps - Character customization...
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Puffin Web Browser 2.3.2

ScreenShot of Puffin Web Browser 2.3.2 by CloudMosa, Inc. Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast. Once users experience the thrill of using Puffin, regular mobile Internet just feels like torture. Puffin Web Browser is the premium version of the Puffin family. ==== Top 5 Features ==== * Incredible Load Speed Speed is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile browsers. The Puffin Browser leverages a massive cloud computing data center to pre-process web pages and achieve page loading speeds that other browsers can only dream of. The remote-browser technology is so amazing that not only does it accelerate page rendering speed but also reduces network data usage. Puffin's speed is far superior to the built-in browsers, even more so on slower mobile connections. * Fastest JavaScript Engine You know how fast Gmail is on your regular computer at home. Now, ...
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Apndroid 4.0.1

ScreenShot of Apndroid 4.0.1 by Martin Adamek Control and monitor mobile internet What APNDROID does: Prevents unwanted data charges for limited data plans. Allows you to manage mobile data settings to prolong battery life. Puts you in control of your internet usage. Why choose APNDROID: Millions of Android customers have downloaded this app. It utilises a ‘One-Click’ function to disconnect, making it quick and easy to turn on/off. Purchase it once and you can use it forever. Locale/Tasker plugin is now standalone free app on Play Store Compatibility: * Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.1 compatible * Keep MMS option not available on Android 4 * CDMA compatible (Android 2.3+) Keywords: internet, data, data enabled, data switch, data enabler, switch, widget, battery, OnOff, On/Off, toggle, 3G/EDGE/GPRS, dataplan, mobile data 4...
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Fring (Symbian 9.3) 3.37 3.37

No Image fring is a mobile internet community and communication service that allows friends to connect, share experiences and enhance their communities (Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!, AIM, twitter, Facebook, Last fm) together. There's no cost beyond your existing 3G/GPRS Internet data plan or free Wi-Fi access, rather than using costly airtime minutes. Combining all of your contacts into one, integrated & searchable list, fring indicates who's online (presence status) and available before dialing. All you need to use fring is a 3G handset with Internet connectivity that is already available from your mobile service provider or through your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.
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Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience 3.21

ScreenShot of Wiki Offline — A Wikipedia Experience 3.21 by Evan Rosenfeld Wiki Offline delivers flexibility and joy for the Wikipedia experience. The full text of all Wikipedia articles are stored to your iPhone/iPad/iPod. You will literally hold the world's knowledge in the palm of your hands. No more worrying about slow internet connections, overage bandwidth charges, or traveling to areas without internet, because with Wiki Offline, Wikipedia will be there for you when you need it. Join the myriad of scientists, teachers, frequent flyers, vacationers, parents, and knowledge lovers whose lives have been improved by Wiki Offline. Wiki Offline brings joy to the reading experience. No more squinting at tiny text, no more eye strain from staring into a bright screen -- the entire display is customizable. Personalize your Wikipedia experience by organizing your favorite...
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Diet Alerts 1.0.1

ScreenShot of Diet Alerts 1.0.1 by ITGenerations inc The new Diet Alerts application is the best source for weekly updates for all. Our weekly tips are original and one of a kind, helping you live a healthier life. Even though having internet access on your iPhone, doesn’t mean that you will find tips that you haven’t tried yet or haven’t heard of already. Our Diet Alerts are updated by a team of professionals plus our updates are not lengthy articles, we do not believe in consuming your time, your time is important which is why we provide you only the information you need not jargon that can be skipped anyway. Plus the best part is you do not need to have internet access to run the application, you can run the application with or without it. Some of the key features are mentioned below for quick reference. 1. Seasoned professional...
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